Proposed new forum structure

Hello Everyone:

We have taken the feedback submitted about the existing CVRS Forum and come up with a revamped structure. By far, the most common complaints were that there were too many sub-forums and that it was hard to know where to post a new topic. As a result, we have reduced the number of forums, eliminated sub-forums, and generally streamlined the structure, overall. This is your opportunity to have input into the proposed structure and to tell us what you like/don't like before it goes online. We will include this latest round of feedback, and get the new forum up and running as soon as possible. (Don't worry: all existing posts will be preserved and migrated to the new forum.) Please post all comments as replies to this post in the forum/Suggestion Box/Proposed New Forum Structure.

We propose the new forum will have the following structure:

About our Forums (a forum category, posts are only by forum administration)
- FAQs
- Forum Help

Suggestion Box:
- where anyone can post requested changes, services, etc., whether they are for the forums, website, organization, etc.

Members’ Hangout
- a general chat room for CVRS members (not forum participants) on any topic, preferably non-technical, that members want to discuss.

Electronic Restoration
- for all topics related to circuits, components, tips, and tech talk.

Cabinet Restoration
- for everything about restoring cabinets, knobs, and related topics.

Show and Tell
- Anything about what you're doing in antique electronics that you want to share with other participants and members

Upcoming Events and News
- If you know of anything coming along that might be of interest to our members, post it here.

For Sale/Wanted
- The classified section of the CVRS forum.

Thanks for your participation!!
The CVRS Website Team