New Website Member Functions

New functions are now available for CVRS members on the website. Once you sign in, links to the Latest Website Activity and the CVRS Member Directory are provided in the footer at the bottom of each page. (If you are not signed in, are a Forum Participant or non-member, these links do not appear.) A link to the website Photo Gallery is also included in the footer and is available to all members and non-members. More information on each of these functions is given below.

Recent Site Activity
CVRS members who have logged in can click on this footer link to access a list of the latest Sitewide Activity including: Forum posts, new members, new photos posted by members, the latest CVRS News, changes to the website, and so on. Earlier activity can be accessed by selecting Load More at the bottom of the page.

Member Directory
A link to a directory of all CVRS members is also available in the footer after log in. Clicking on this link takes you to a list of all current members with connections provided to their public information pages. Options are available for you to send private or public messages to other members, "friend" them as on Facebook, and create your own contact networks within the CVRS membership.

Member Accounts
Again, once you have logged into the CVRS website, a link to your account is available on the Sign In bar immediately below the header at the top of the page. Here you can do such things as change your password, post a photo/avatar, and view your latest CVRS Activity. CVRS members will also find an Album tab in their account where they can post photos of radios, projects, etc. (This function is not available to Forum Participants although they do have the other account options). Photos posted in your albums are also displayed in the website Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery
Clicking on this footer link takes you to the CVRS Photo Gallery where photos posted by individual CVRS members in their albums are displayed. If you are logged into the site as a CVRS member, you can click on a particular photo to see an enlarged version of the image in the member's album, view other photos posted by the member, and access tabs to the member's public information and contact information.

We are continuing to refine these and other functions which we hope to have online shortly. Please contact us at if you encounter any glitches or difficulty, need more information, or have suggestions for additional functions we might build in to improve our member services.

Thank you for your patience! We hope you find these services useful!