Member/Participant Forums

A couple of recent posts in the Member's Hangout/Introductions forum brought both a software bug and source of confusion to light.

For some reason, the website was allowing non-members of the CVRS to post to topics in the Member's Hangout, a forum restricted to fully paid CVRS members. As it turned out,  the problem was common to all websites based on WordPress, and a recent update solved the issue.

We also realized that when looking through All Topics from the CVRS Forum menu rather than the Forum List, it wasn't immediately clear whether a topic like Introductions was restricted to members only or open to forum participants. The solution we adopted was to rename this particular topic to Member Introductions in the Member's Hangout, and to create a new topic, Participant Introductions, in the Non-member Chat Room. (We also tweaked that name.)

If you are a registered Forum Participant who inadvertently posted in the Member's Hangout/Introductions, you will find your post and any replies in the Non-member Chat Room/Participant Introductions.

As stated on the CVRS Membership page, in order to post to any of forum/topic, you must have either registered for a free Forum Participant account or be a paid-up member of the CVRS. Those wishing to become full members can find information on joining the organization by clicking here.