Highlights from the 2018 CVRS AGM

As per the Notices sent to all Members in good standing, the 2018 AGM of the Canadian Vintage Radio Society was held by teleconference at 4:00 EDT (1:00pm PDT) on Sunday, September 9, 2018. The Minutes of the 2018 AGM can be viewed here.

In summary:

- The Agenda, as issued to Members, was accepted with two additional items added under Other Business.

- Minutes of the 2017 AGM were approved.

- The President, Gerry O’Hara gave a report on activities and status of the CVRS over the past year, which can be viewed here.

- The Treasurer (Don White) presented the Financial Statements and provided clarifications when requested. The Financial Statements were provided to Members in the 2018 CVRS AGM Notice and Information and were accepted as presented. It was agreed that the Treasurer should allocate yearly amounts within the budget for future upgrades to the Website in addition to the yearly maintenance costs. Don White will continue as Treasurer for the coming year, with Gary Albach as reviewer and alternate.

- The slate of nominees as presented by the Board (Gary Albach, Gerry O’Hara, Gerry Shand and Don White) were accepted. No other nominations were put forward. The Board members will form the Executive for the coming year, the Officers being Gerry O’Hara (President), Gary Albach (Secretary) and Don White (Treasurer). Gerry O’Hara will represent the BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Gerry Shand will represent Alberta, and Gary Albach members at large. Don White expressed a desire to be excused from the executive decisions and initiatives, and thus only undertake his duties as Treasurer, and to run membership services and the schematic service.

- A report on National Membership was presented by Don White. A summary of membership over the past five years was also included in the 2018 CVRS AGM Notice and Information. There are currently 184 paid-up Members, including 10 in the US. This is a marginal increase from the previous year.

- A report on the Alberta Tube Bank project was presented by Gerry Shand. It was noted that the Alberta Chapter in Edmonton had received donations of two tube collections.

- A report on the current fee structure and future considerations was presented by Gerry O’Hara. Following discussion on the imperative to increase fees for the first time in over a decade, and review of the cost breakdown of providing members services and a projection of future needs, a motion was passed to increase annual subscription rates starting January 2019 to $20 per annum for Members receiving the Newsletter in PDF format, and to $45 ($20 + $25 to cover materials, printing and postage) per annum for Members receiving paper copies of the Newsletter by mail.

- The discount membership program for affiliated clubs across Canada is to continue for at least the next year. A discussion was held on best practices observed in other, similar, societies around the world, in particular the Historical Radio Society of Australia, who have over 1,000 members. It was acknowledged that successful volunteer organizations rely on the dedication of a few passionate individuals to keep things running, provide the services offered to Members, and identifying/implementing initiatives, and that there is thus a need to encourage Members to participate.