Forum Changes: new forums and topic moves

To help make the CVRS Forum as useful and navigable as possible, we have made a number of changes, These include:

New Forum: Tube Talk, located in Forum Lounges, is intended for any topic concerning vacuum tubes, whether those tubes are used in radios, test equipment, or .....

Moved: Topics 2X3 Tubes, Tube Testing – Quality vs Emission, and ELECTRON TUBE 374A can now be found in Forum Lounges/Tube Talk.

The topic Vintage Amateur Radio Forum?  can now be found in Forum Lounges/Vintage Amateur Radio Equipment.

Three new forums have been created in Show and Tell: Just AcquiredWorks in Progress, and Finished Projects. Topics currently in Forum Lounges and elsewhere that fall into these areas will be moved. If you've just picked up a new addition to your collection, are in the middle of a repair or restoration , or are willing to share your latest finished work, these are the forums to do it. 

Information Wanted, in Forum Lounges, is the place to post if you are looking for general information about vintage electronics, a particular radio, or for any other query that doesn't fall into one of the specialized forum topic areas listed. If you have already posted a request for information, we will be moving it to this new area.

General Interest: The place for items you think may be of general interest to anyone interested in vintage electronics and radio.

If you have made a recent post, you may find it has been moved to a new area. You will be able to locate it either by checking your posts by going to your account page or by clicking on Recent Site Activity visible in the footer on any page after you have signed in.

The fastest and easiest way to monitor new topics, forums, or recent posts/replies in the CVRS Forum (as well as elsewhere on the website) is to click on Recent Site Activity. Summaries and links are provided for all your own and others' posts. You can use Recent Site Activity as an easy means to keep current with what's going on or as a ready navigational aid to the latest replies in Forum topics.

If you have suggestions for new forums or ways to improve the CVRS Forum generally please email us at or post your suggestion in Forum Suggestions.