Email and RSS subscriptions now available

The Latest CVRS News can now be received automatically as an email delivered to your Inbox, or by RSS feed to the news reader of your choice.

All CVRS members currently in good standing have been added to the initial email list, and if you are a member you should have received this notice. If you did not receive it, (perhaps, learning of it from the website posting), please check your Spam and Trash, and then let us know at . Should you prefer not to receive CVRS news by email, an "unsubscribe" option is available at the bottom of any email post that you receive. This option can be exercised at any time. You can also resubscribe should you later change your mind.

New members joining the CVRS will be automatically added to the email list unless they opt not to receive news items. This also applies to Forum participants who upgrade to become full members. The option not to subscribe is provided on the membership registration page.

CVRS Forum participants and interested members of the public can also choose to receive The Latest CVRS News by email. Simply click "subscribe" on the Home page or go to The Latest CVRS News page, enter your email address in the window provided, and click "Join Now."

Consolidated news items will be mailed periodically in gazette form but no more than once a day. This means some news items may be available on the website several hours before arriving in your mailbox. The single-mailing gazette was chosen to prevent needlessly cluttering up your Inbox or risk annoying you with too frequent email.

RSS subscriptions are also available to individual members, Forum participants, and members of the public. Feeds can be set up by clicking on the RSS icon on The Latest CVRS News page.

Please let us know at if you encounter any problems or have thoughts on how we can improve the service.

In the meantime, we wish you "happy reading!"