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    I have a Universal Radio Z/13A105-E, I believe was made by Phonola Electrohome for Eatons that I’ve been working on. I have a question about the bias cell. I want to get rid of it all together. I’ve read a couple ways that others have eliminated them. The simplest way, and a way I have seen on other schematics using a 6SQ7 tube, is a 10M resistor from the grid to ground. Is this my best bet?
    I don’t want to put another battery in it.

    I did rejuvenate it with distilled water. It held 1v for about a week then died. I had no intention of reusing it but was neat to play around with.

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    Hello, I tried to respond to your question with some links to the antique radio forum about this topic. For some reason it won’t allow me to post a link. I suggest you head over to the Antique Radio forum at antiqueradio dot com. Under Electrical/Mechanical Repair and Restoration there is a thread titled “Another Bias cell question” it should answer your questions.
    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Tony. I started that thread. I got some great info.

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