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    Hi All,
    I have an Atwater Kent model 225 with no plastic dial cover.
    If anyone has one that they would be willing to sell, that would be great.
    If you know where I can find someone in Canada that makes them, that would work too.
    There is a guy in the US that makes them but the cost of the part plus shipping is more than I paid for the radio!

    I’m located in a small town close to Ottawa, Ontario. K0A 2X0


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    Other than RadioDaze in the U.S., I don’t believe the market in Canada is big enough to support someone making radio dial glass. You could try to McGuyver one by using a large size plastic soda bottle and try to cut out your own lens. Used lenses, next to correct knobs and grill cloth are one of the hardest things to find in this hobby.

    Good luck, Gary

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    Dan Walker
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    You could make one using some plastic.. I have made a couple using a special plastic i got fro a place in Calgary called ”Industrial Plastics’
    The plastic can be formed when it is heated, so using a mold, I put it in the oven and made a curved dial cover which was 9 inches across.

    I think you could also just use a heavy piece of plastic, and some guys have used clock glass
    Here are some photos of the one I made for a Marconi model 85.
    It took my a couple of trys, but it turned out good.
    Dan in Calgary

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    Thanks for the info.
    Looks like it might become a new challenge for me. 🙂

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