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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up this Workrite Super Neutrodyne at a radio club meeting.

    The radio is in pretty good condition with original finish. It is a six tube radio with one stage of transformer coupled audio and two stages of resistance coupled audio.

    A web search could not turn up a schematic for this radio.

    The wiring was very neatly done and well laced into bundles. The problem was that the wire was very old rubber covered wire that could not be disturbed without the insulation cracking off. This made tracing the wiring to determine the hook up very difficult. With a little help from typical circuits in Drake’s Radio Cyclopedia the recommended values of the grid resistors was found. All were within reasonable range from the recommended values. The bypass cap was restuffed and a new battery wiring harness was sliced into the original at the chassis.

    The radio performs quite well and is a welcome addition to the 20’s herd.


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