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    Canadian Marconi Model CD-12 or FR-12 Transmitter-Receiver, used by Canadian Navy (FR-12) or Army (CD-12) 1943-1944.
    Looking for a power cord, Marconi # 90572. for this radio, would be happy with just a connector.
    Cable has Marconi # 90572 listed on the circuit dia.


    Ralph Spracklin
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    Hello mr-moe

    I assume you have already seen this site, and if not, scroll down till you see a picture showing the male connector End on the set. I am also going to assume that you are in need of the female adaptor end. Do you have the original Cable? It should be easy enough to mold your own Cable End. Won’t be as good as the original, but then again it may be better. Do you know what the original End looks like??


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    Thanks for the reply:
    Yes, I have seen Jerry’s site. 90% of those pictures
    on that Marconi CD-12 site are of my unit.
    I’m looking for the female end which plugs into the front face.
    Standard terminal spade connectors will slip on with a slight modification.
    Guess I’ll use them. Just hoping to get an original connection.

    Not much info on these units around anymore.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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