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    Over the last couple of years I have been trying to accumulate enough parts to build my own AK breadboard similar to the one below. I finally have most of it, but I will still need the Two tube island at the far right of the picture below.

    It looks very similar to the two stage amplifier (second to right in the photo).

    – the unit second to the right is a "3676 Detector 1 Stage Amplifier".
    It has the smaller knob with rheostat to control filament voltage , thus volume.

    – the unit on the right is a "3634 2-Stage Amplifier".
    The large knob is a switch used to turn off the 6th tube so the set can be used with headphones to save battery life. ( this is the part I am seeking)

    I may attempt to use a "Detector 1 stage amplifier" in place of the 2 stage amplifier if it is absolutely unobtainable.
    The detector 1 stage amplifier is more common because it was used on other boards.

    Some parts like the brass tag, and the fact that below the large knob there is a slight "skirt", which is part of the bakalite, would make it difficult to make the TA unit into an exact replica of the other unit shown on the right.

    I went up to the SPARC museum a couple of times recently
    They have an AK 12 similar to the one I am building, which I am very happy about as I now have access to a radio to use as a comparison for the details.

    Download z11.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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