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    I am looking for the following Rogers tubes all these have been sprayed with rogers patented coating.:
    2- #34
    2- 1A6
    1- #33

    If anyone can help me out here would be greatly appreciated!

    garey valcourt
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    Darren was cleaning up & found one #33S and one #34S Rogers tubes,, let me know. Garey V

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    sorry Garey I just renewed my membership and could not see private messages before.
    I no longer need those tubes, however right now I am restoring a Rogers 10-50 and in need of a 6A7 (spray coated) Rogers tube or a 6A8M (metal), I only have 1 6A8M tube here but the second section is bad in it.
    any help would be appreciated!


    Rick D
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    Hello Darren -I have a 1935 Rogers 10- 10 chassis 21 ,it uses a 6A7 metal sprayed Rogers tube ,I have only one spare 6A7 Rogers Metal Sprayed tube but I found that a regular 6A8 tube works great, I
    used a GE. metal clad 6A8 tube and I think a glass one would work just as good , just to be sure I took out the Rogers metal sprayed tube and tried the GE 6A8 tube just before I sent this reply and it
    worked just fine ,no wire changes at all just put it in ,now about the 6A8 Rogers Metal Sprayed tube, I don’t use it in my set and have no info on it ,could be the GE 6A8 tube would work but I am not sure
    maybe one of the other members could help out ,one thing you will fine ,these Rogers Metal Sprayed tubes are very hard to find ,I do have spares for mine but it took a lot of time and searching to get them.
    Hope this helps you out, all the very best take care and have a safe Christmas
    PS- If you live in the Hamilton Ontario area and would like to take my GE 6A8 to try on your set ,no problem

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    Thanks anyway Rick, I found a tube and had one sent to me by a fellow member in my area. Merry Xmas to you and yours!

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