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    I’m new to radio restoration. I have a 1941 silvertone 2511 (ch 101.650) as a project. I wanted to test the tubes but my tube tester ( superior TV-12) does not have the tubes listed. for example It has 1A5 listed but not 1A5G. Can I use the 1A5 setting to check the 1A5G. There are other tubes like that

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    Hi – yes you can use those settings – There are tons of websites including this one that deal with radio restoration – for tube substitions you can use Nostalgia Air’s resource section – there are others –
    Just about anything can be found online these days – Google "tube substitution guide" – or "tube essential characteristics" etc. Many of the radio forums have a search function where you can search previous discussion threads – if you want hard copy info – then search out a club near you and attend meetings and auctions – there’s a ton of stuff available – especially now – its easier to get stuff now than its ever been – good luck.

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    I believe the "G" in 1A5G denotes glass envelope. Identical electrical characteristics to 1A5.

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    My favorite tube characteristics website is Easy to use and lists just about every tube you’ll ever come across.


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