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    Hi Everyone,

    I took some tubes to a local repair shop today for testing. The tester they had was a DYNA-JET B&K 606 which basically game me a Quality reading and an Emission reading.

    All tubes tested good with the exception of a 5Y3GT rectifier tube which showed
    Quality = 30% (well in the red)
    Emmission = Good
    No shorts

    I was told it may still work just not as efficiently as it should.
    I’m thinking I need to replace this tube and wondering if you agree?

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    Yup. I would replace it.

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    Replace it for sure. The 5Y3’s are still cheap and can be found anywhere you might find a swap meet. I have a pile if you’re anywhere near Barrie, ON.


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    Thanks Lee/Paul. Will definitely replace it.
    Unfortunately, I’m closer to London Paul. I did a search on the internet and they do seem easy to come by as you say.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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