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    Jim Maclean
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    Hi there, the power transformer on an RCA A38 radio that I’m restoring appears to have some shorted windings. I can get a replacement transformer from Hammond that will do the trick but I was wondering if there are alternative sources. The Hammond has similar specs but the form is different but will fit the space available. While I’m not a sticker for exact matching I would like to source a transformer that is perhaps a little closer to the original.

    Any recommendations or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Julian Traverse
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    Hi Jim,

    Without paying alot of money, the hammond is the best way to go. But I have taken power transformers out of junker sets and used them successfully. I just did a GE L-916 and replaced it with a Stromberg Carlson model.

    One thing to keep in mind in the orientation of the transformer. Usually the PT was situated “side down” and the output transformer was upright and at 45 degree angle to prevent magnetic coupling that will get hum into the audio. If you replace it with one that is upright like the output transformer, you may get this unwanted coupling. Something to keep in mind.

    Good luck.

    Ed Kraushar
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    Here is a good source for used parts with reasonable shipping–


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    Hello Jim,
    I think I can help you get one original transformer for RCA A38.
    But you have to wait since my basement is being renovated and it is right behind other stuffs.
    Email me if you are interested at . I’m in Toronto.
    In case you need other parts of A38, I might be of help. All these parts are from a working radio.


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