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    I picked up a big torroidal transformer from a free pile at work. I didn’t know much about it but picked it up thinking it might be of use. it is quite heavy and around 3 inches thick and 8 inshes across.

    I can’t find the exact model number or schematic , but their website is here:

    My first question is if this thing has a chance of being usable as an isolation transformer for my bench. It is quite large , but I figured so what? if it works ok I assume I could limit the output with a 2 amp or so fuse…

    I am guessing that the first two sets of leads are the primary. and that it has a dual primary. Beyond that I am unsure of a few things. It has lots of leads so it must have a range of input and output power levels.

    why two primaries? is there an advantage to using both? can I use one? designed to use both sides of the power grid?

    If I can figure out how to hook up the primary winding(s) to an outlet I could just measure the output . perhaps the multiple outputs could be rectified and filtered to use to power battery sets as well? I haven’t begun to see which leads are paired up , but I should be able to figure out which leads are paired up and what the resistance is. I am not sure if I can expect the wire colors to follow a particular convention , but I assume there may be some meaning to the colors.

    Here is what is on the label:
    106x1035R2 #1442 VA:2106 F:50
    INPUT: 2 x (0-104 – 110 – 120 VAC )

    Here is how the wires are paired up :

    4 bundles of wires

    The first two have shrink wrapped ends:

    Then three separate wires (heavier guage)
    Vilolet- white- black

    Then two more wires grey, blue

    Then three more red-yellow- green

    I would appreciate any info anyone can give me on this. , and as an aside note, have a look at the chassis they have using tubes and torroidal transformers. , it’s here:

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    Here are some pictures of this transformer.

    Download torroidal_1.gif. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download torroidal_2.gif. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download torroidal_3.gif. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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    Hi Phil,
    I have the wiring colour codes and datasheet for this torroid if you still need them, it was used on the old OEM LPE way back when I started with Creo….it was specially made for us by Plitron.
    Dave Barrett

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    Thank you Dave. I had given up on finding specific data and now I have a spec sheet with all the info I could ask for and it looks like it will be quite useful now.

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