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    I,m working on a T Eaton model 8B62-E Viking Radio (Dominion Electrohome) . I need new rubber grommets for the tuning unit but never have seen this particular size.Chassis hole is .54", shaft that goes through the grommet is .354 "OD by .45" long,top side of grommet is about .2 " thick over all thickness of grommet is about .5 "chassis thickness is .06" and OD of grommet is about .9"
    Wondering if anyone has run across this size grommet or what you may have used to replace them.
    Thanks Martin……

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Hello Martin,,,,,I see that you are working on a T.eaton radio model 8B62-E.. Sorry I can’t help you with the grommets.
    There are a lot of suppliers on the net.
    One place you could try is Mid Altantic Antique radio club,,,,then click on the link for resources..It will give you lots of suppliers for most everything.. [Try radio Daze]
    I am working on an Electrohome battery set model number 9B51-M and I can’t find the schematics for it .. I have looked through the RCC disk and found nothing .. Maybe you can tell me what value the electrolytic cap is,since you are working on a very similar radio.I don’t know if yours is battery or not.
    Good luck in finding what you need Dan in Calgary.

    Ed Kraushar
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    The 9B51-M is on Phonola data sheet 100.


    Dan Walker
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    Thanks Ed,,I did not look for that schematic under Phonola,,, but with your help I did find it
    Thats what the forum is for… Dan in Calgary

    Radio Nut
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    I have just started on a T. Eaton 8B62-E also. Where did you get the schematic.

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    I have an old Eaton’s (Dominion Electrohome) radio waiting to be restored. I’m looking forward to getting it done, so I can display it in the restored 100-year-old Eaton’s Catalog house that I live in.

    Rogers flipdial
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    I think I know the grommets you are talking about – I found some – trying to remember where – it was either in Canadian Tire’s bulk section – or Princess Auto – On occasion I’ve used some that were too thick – so I sliced them down with a Utility knife. (watch your fingers)

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