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    I have a beautiful Stromberg Carlson 2 door floor model radio–flame maple – 1939 – anyone know anything about this old gem?

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    Since it is posted in for sale/wanted I assume you are looking to sell it.
    There should be a tag on the back of the chassis with a model number , that would be helpful to locate the schematic, which would let people know the number of tubes etc.
    Console phono- radio combiations are sometimes not too sought after and valuable, often people not involved with radios think they are more valuable than the actual market price so look for others for sale for a comparison. Ebay auctions might give some comparison, if you look at closed auctions or watch them until they complete. They are expensive to ship though. I often see consoles on Craigslist that are way overpriced.

    Havng said that, Stromberg carlson has a reputation for good stuff. some of the high tube count ones might be more valuable and there are certain ones that are more collectable. The cabinet is likely quite attractive. there is an oval shaped one that is a bit more sought after I think, perhaps others.

    In general radio collectors only want a few coonsoles, then they fill up the house, so the table radios seem to attract collectors more.

    If it has most of the parts I am sure it is restorable. If restored it should be reliable for many years, so they are great to restore and enjoy. parts are likely not a huge issue.

    If you want you can submit a photo to this thread. If you want to sell it , let people know what area you are in, and your price, as it is unlikely they want to go too far.

    If you have any specific questions , just ask 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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