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    This is a signal generator that goes all the way to 175 MHz. I inherited the set from my elmer, VE6SF, over 20 years ago and finally had time to look at it. My hope is to get it operational again to align older radios and can make it available to CVRS members in the Edmonton area.

    I have a schematic that was e-mailed to me but it is for the older sets up to serial number 146. My set has serial number 151 and it appears to be a difference in the oscillator/RF amp tubes. Originally they were both 7788 tubes but I have a 12AT7 and the E equivalent to the 7788.

    Does anyone have a schematic diagram for this particular serial number? It was built in Canada by Stark under licence from Hickok.

    Funny enough, Hickok is still in business but it has morphed into automotive diagnostic electronics but at the same address that appears on my manual that was printed in 1966!

    Some things never change and that is comforting in some ways.



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