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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up this sad looking Standardyne at an estate auction. It was priced at $5.00 from a previous sale at the estate but was included in a table of sad radios that I picked up for $10.00. I have a weakness for basket case radios especially if they are uncommon ones.

    The chassis was missing the audio interstage transformers, the antenna coil was loose and missing the bakelite disk that holds it in place, all grid resistors were missing and one of the B+ bars was missing.

    This model of Standardyne used Stromberg Carlson 3-A audios. Two open 3-A’s and one good one were purchased from PTOP. One of the open ones was rewound and installed along with the good one. The 3A’s have top terminals and Standardyne mounted them upside down on top of the chassis so the terminals would connect with all of the wiring under the chassis. A new bakelite disk for the antenna coil was made, the coil properly installed and an new B+ bar made by threading and bending a steel rod. Grid resistors were replaced and the 2mfd bypass cap was restuffed.

    The case was repaired by fitting a piece of hardwood in to replace the missing piece with a biscuit joiner and then routing the edges. I tend to work on the chassis as time permits then refinish a group of cabinets so that they may all be sprayed at the same time. I still have three radios waiting for assembly. Working that way it may appear that I work fast but actually I am quite slow. It just appears fast as the final assembly takes little time while the chassis and cabinets may take a year or so to complete. The results–


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