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    Ed Kraushar
    CVRS Member

    I picked up this Shamrock A at an auction some time ago. It was looking pretty sad, quite rough, partly stripped and with some veneer replacement started then abandoned. As usual I played with the chassis first then got around to the cabinet weather permitting to spray lacquer outside.

    Nicely carved trim on all four corners.

    The case for this six tube (01A’s) radio is quite large considering the small chassis.

    There are storage compartments either side of the chassis although they do not appear to have been used to hold batteries.

    The amplifier stages are all resistance coupled.

    Very little work was needed to get it playing, just rebuilding some of the resistors that had gone open, soldering some of the mechanical connections that had become unreliable and restuffing one capacitor. The chassis is sealed up so well in the cabinet that it was quite clean.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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