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    Hi I was wondering if some members of the group would have photo of diffent Rogers Majestic models from 1924 to 1939.
    I am trying to put together a list and photos of them along with any information on these models.
    If you have good photos of front side and back I would apperciate it.
    You can send it to


    Eric Strasen
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    I am rehabing a Rogers-Majestic 7R621 table radio from 1937-38. It has a really beautiful cabinet enclosing a strange chassis (it has six tubes, two of which are 2X3 half-wave rectifiers). This will take a while, but will send pix when I’m done.

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    I have photos of my restored radios:
    Rogers Majestic 8M723
    Rogers Majestic 12-126
    Rogers Majestic TEN-60
    Rogers Majestic R201U
    Rogers Majestic R437
    Rogers Majestic R541
    DeForest Crosley Trirdyn Special
    DeForest Crosley 8D991
    DeForest Crosley 9D791
    DeForest Crosley 9D991
    DeForest Crosley 79
    DeForest Crosley 81

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    Would love to see any photos of older models. 1941 to 1925. Looking for clear photos of front rear tubes and any documentation inside the radio.
    Thanks again

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    Hi all I am still looking for any information about these radios from 1925 to around 1939. Can include anything from tube data on Rogers tubes for photos of any and all radios.

    These would include Deforest,Majestic that were produced in the Rogers plant in Toronto

    Thanks again.


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    I have photos and information on the following sets:
    Rogers Majestic
    11RA 651
    Joliette 55 and a 6M511
    Balmoral and an Elgin
    Photos and schematics.

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    this is my 1929 rogers "Regent" uses those funny shaped R30 tubes (the ones that are pretty much electronically equivalent to 27’s but have a funny shaped envelope.) it also uses a couple of 27 tubes, so they had both.

    It had rubber wire, so every one was replaced. It says "regent" on the escutcheon. It has a thing that looks like a heater that plugs in and a heat shield on the underside of the cabinet. I think it was supposed to even out power surges or something. I have another part like that somewhere with the Majestic name on it. I think there was a Majestic model with almost identical schematic. as I recall the schematic said something like model 832 on it.


    Download P1010010.JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Ed Kraushar
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    cvrs wrote:

    It has a thing that looks like a heater that plugs in and a heat shield on the underside of the cabinet. I think it was supposed to even out power surges or something. Phil

    The 832 schematic calls it a "voltage regulator". I wonder if it was used to drop high line voltages rather than a power transformer with taps on the primary.


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    I was on ebay once, and spotted one ( voltage regulator) that was new in it’s box and the box had the "Magestic’ logo on it as I recall. I have it somewhere. it is a cylindrical thing a bit larger than your typical electrolytic capacitor with heat elements inside a perforated tin can. it has a plug on the bottom like that of a lamp cord and the chassis has a socket to accept it.

    also I think there was a Majestic model that was electronically almost identical to my radio , with the exception being that the Majestic one used 27’s instead of the R30’s, or something similar to that with the tube lineup. I took it to mean that was close to a time when the factory was being moved or something like that. Mine is a Rogers batteryless, and I found no mention of Majestic or Rogers-Majestic on it.


    Bob Masse
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    Hi! Phil,
    I attached some info on the part you are referring to. It is a ballast voltage regulator. The part number is below. If you can’t find one, you can repair it with a power resistor. The chassis should have a plate on it that gives the Type Number on it. This is the chassis number. If you get me that number I can check to make sure this is the correct info.
    Hope this helps.
    Bob Masse

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    Thanks for the Info Bob. Mine is ok, but good to know it is basically just a great big power resistor.

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