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    Brad Graham
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    Good afternoon all!

    New to the forum. New to vintage radio ownership in general, actually. My mom gave me her parents’ Philco Floor Model radio (#43?) when my girlfriend and I moved out. It powers on, but has no sound. It also needs some major cosmetic love.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience/feedback/suggestions on any repair and/or restoration people/businesses in the GTA? I live in Brampton, Ontario, but can certainly travel if need be.

    I’ve attached a few pictures – any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My mom used to run home from school at lunch to sit in front of the radio and listen to her favorite show before running back (the host of the show would say “Now SCOOT!” to tell kids to hurry back to school). Would love to get it up and running and looking like new for her next visit. 🙂

    Any thoughts on what I should pay would be helpful as well! Knowing absolutely nothing about radios or electronics, I’m a bit anxious.

    Much appreciated!

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Hi Brad , Welcome to the form.
    That is a nice looking radio and Philco made some very good sounding radios. I believe that the knobs are original and you might be able to get an escutcheon from ‘Radio Daze’. The cabinet should not have to be stripped as it looks good, except for the top part.
    I would clean the cabinet with go jo hand cleaner[without pumice]. The white stuff. All the guys use this product for getting the grease and grime off the antique radios
    By the looks of your photos, your radio has Loctal tubes. They are notorious for having bad connections where the pins meet the sockets. I don’t know if your model has the capacitor block in it or not, but others might be able to tell you.
    You will need the replace all the capacitors in the radio before powering it up. The best place for you to get all the information about your radio is the “Philco Phorum”.[yes the spelling is correct]
    They can tell you all you need to know about. Also you can google ‘The Philco repair bench’ [Chuck Swark ]
    See if you have anyone local that collects or repairs antique radios.
    I suggest that you do not power it up any more, before the caps are replaced.

    Good luck Dan in Calgary

    Rick D
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    Hello Brad
    And also hi to Dan,Brad, Dan helped me out a lot with the cabinet of one of my
    consol radios ,I used his process and it turned out great,saved me stripping
    and refinishing ,if you send me your email I will send photos of befor and
    after.I live in Hamilton not too far from Brampton and can help you replace
    the caps and any off spec resistors,so we can bring this set back to life,also
    you will find many from the Canadian Vintage Radio Society more than happy
    to help you get this set going,all the very best Rick
    Dan now we have your weather it,s in the 30,s now and too hot to golf,you
    can have it back any time now, Take Care all the best

    Brad Graham
    Forum Participant

    Thank you so much for all the info, guys. You’re making me believe I might actually be able to fix this thing up without sending it to a shop. Might be a really fun project, actually!

    I took a look for the Gojo cleaner. Looks like it’s available at Canadian Tire, but there are a number of variations. Can you let me know which one? I know you said no pumice, but there’s a gel, wipes, “hand medic”. Also, any particular way I should use it? Dab on a damp cloth, etc.?

    Thanks again! Feel very welcome to the forums!


    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Brad; the stuff I use is just plain gojo and it is a white creamy color.
    Just put some on a rag and rub it on the cabinet. Use an old toothbrush to get into the hard to get spots.. wipe it off with another damp rag and dry it. If the rag still shows any grime keep at it until it is clean.
    Really it is quite simple, just like using soap and water.
    Dan in Calgary

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