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    Hey Everyone,

    So I’ve inherited this 1937 RCA 9K-1 floor model. It’s my very first vintage radio restoration so I have lots to learn but it’s going to be a lot of fun. I plan to just try and get it working … replacing caps, bad tubes, etc. Not sure how far I’ll go as far as cabinet restoration, may just leave it as original as possible.

    Anyway here’s a couple of quick pics so far:

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    Nice radio! I love these 1930s RCA’s. Very well build.I have a couple of Tombsone RCA 9T with a”magic brain” that I plan on restoring one of these days. Seeing your project is reviving my interest.
    Your cabinet looks good. Maybe you can just clean it up? Hope you post photos of the finished project.

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    Thanks Lee. It’s a beauty for sure. Mine has a “magic voice”. Basically a bunch of ported pipes in the bottom of the cabinet. Seems they liked to call things ‘magic’ back then 🙂

    I might just try to clean up the cabinet and leave it in it’s authentic condition. Especially since I don’t know a thing about furniture restoration.

    Will definitely post pics as I progress.


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    It took some time, but here it is finally working. Just have to replace the tuning eye.


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