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    I’ve got a large selection of radios. Limited space to display them, and limited time to restore and work on them.
    I’d like to contact other local ( Vancouver area) collectors who’d like a few new projects to work on, or parts.

    It would be a large task to list and photograph each one. If you have a particular interest, be it Old battery sets, projects, transistor or portable sets, or specific brands or a certain era I’d encourage you to either write me an email , or call me to discuss the sort of stuff you are interested in collecting.

    My prices are reasonable and within market value and I’d be willing to give a price break for anyone looking to take on a number of radios as this would save me time and work of trying to advertise and list each one.

    My aim is to clear out some space and since my interests have changed since I began collecting, I’d like to concentrate my efforts on just the ones that are dearest to me.

    Phil 604 515 2814.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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