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    Hello all,
    I need some help identifying some circa 1920s/1930s radio parts. (I believe them to be radio parts, they could just as easily be something else) I do not own these parts, But I would like to acquire them. So if you know of the model number or manufacture please let me know, it will make it easier to track down these vintage parts.


    these panels were used in a science fiction movie as props and were accidentally junked. I am building a replacement prop.

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    This looks vaguely familiar as an electronics lab teaching tool.
    I can’t make out the White text on the back but it looks like this is a precision capacitance or resistance substitution unit.
    May be much newer than you suspect and be into the 1950’s?

    A high res pic of the back would help.


    John Bartley
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    I’m pretty sure those are parts from an early bridge. I had one similar, but not quite as complex. This sort of bridge would be used for measuring R, L & C (if I’ve guessed it correctly).



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