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    Good Evening fellow radio collectors:
    About a year ago, I found a source in Seattle WA for Farm Radio Battery Eliminators. They are very well presented and come in a neat printed Circuit design, and offer the 90 volts DC for the B+ and the 1.5 volts for the filiment voltage. The maximum current draw if 350 milliamps. I had a spare one, and passed it on to a fellow CVRS Member Gerry O’Hara. He contacted the Seattle Source, "Grandads Electronics web page", and spoke with the source representative, "Steven Swift". They did not have any units in stock, but found two spare boards, and built them up for Gerry. I am in need of at least ten more units. The price range is around the fifty dollar mark (or just over), not including shipping. Steven Swift has said they will consider a minimum run of twenty units, but I would like to find out from other CVRS Members if they might be in the market for such a unit. Please take a look at one of the units installed in a 1939 Stewart Warner Model R-444 battery radio that I restored. I am very pleased with the units. I have emailed Steven Swift, and told him that I was going to run this on our forum, and would advise him in two weeks if the order would be over twenty units.

    Abbotsford Gerald

    Download Stevens Battery Eliminator 001 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download Stevens Battery Eliminator 002 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download Stevens Battery Eliminator 003 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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    Well you fellow radio collectors, I am not getting much feedback for the farm radio power supplies, I have therefore told the supplier that I will wait until he has a larger order than what I was going to be able to make, then just add my twenty or so units to that.

    So Door is still open, but this could take awhile before we have anymore. Will keep you posted on when the manufacturer will make the run.

    Abbotsford Gerry


    I do have a few radios that are in need of this type of power supply. I would like to get a hold of at least one. Maybe just to not have an excuse,as to why its not playing again.
    If you do get enough for an order , I want one ,as well.
    Thanks. Andy.

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    Thanks Drew: Will keep you in mind when I get this power supply order thing sorted out. Not sure which way it’s going to go just yet. The supplier may even be thinking about the unit in kit form. That might be okay with me, but I would actually like to have a unit ready to install.
    Regards, Gerald

    Gerry O’Hara

    Just a note that the units can be modified for 6v heaters, but this requires changing the transformer and low voltage regulator. The HT volts can also be adjusted. These are well-built, professional-standard units. Further deatils from … onics.html. Cost of my unis was only $50 each, but I understand that a new batch would cost more ($60 to $80 per unit). Compared with some others on the market they are very good value considering the build quality.


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