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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up this Premier Ensemble radio some time ago and never got around to getting inside of it until today.

    An online search gave little data and when I looked at the Premier Ensemble Kit radio in the Radiomuseum site it was apparent that there are some large differences. Mine is a two dialer and it has Premier coils under the chassis instead of the topside ones shown in Radiomuseum three dialer.

    The tuning caps are Premier Crofoot ones.

    The coils are visible here along with black disks that are phone or grid condensers. The coils are marked “Premier Radiotran, 200-600 meters”.

    Modifications had been made, namely Crosley audios substituted and the tuning cap knobs changed, probably from the original vernier type. A modern bypass cap was also added.

    I am assuming that this may have been a kit radio and I have not powered it up yet. What is also puzzeling is that some original components were never connected. Namely the phone tip jacks and phone condenser on the chassis, the wirewound resistor under the chassis, the meter and the switch under it marked B Voltage and the switch marked broad and sharp. Other than the dials and the audios there are few witness marks showing changed components.

    Crude markings scratched into the chassis are “JCA 6570”.

    Any information on the model or a schematic would be appreciated.


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