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    Jeffrey Ryder
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    I purchased a floor model Philco last night and was working . Transported it home , plugged it in and static at certain points when tuning but no stations . I am new to this so excuse myself for not being knowledgeable as obviously could just be a reception problem . Also it is 6 tuber and one appears not to light up . I am still trying to indentify model but could post pictures.

    Ed Stone
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    HI Jeffrey – welcome to the CVRS forum. Some questions:

    – when you say it was ‘working’ when you bought it, was it receiving stations at the sellers house?
    – have you connected an antenna to the correct terminal (a few tens of feet of wire should pick up some stations, though if it is indoors you may also pick up lots of noise from electrical circuits, computers etc.)
    – Did the seller comment whether the set had been ‘recapped’ (had its capacitors replaced) – if this has not been done, you are risking damage to several components in the set by running it, eg. transformers and tubes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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