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    I have over 1400 test equipment manuals for sale. Many of them are operating and service manuals with schematics and parts lists. Most are HP and Tektronixs, but there are over 200 different brands including RACAL, Heathkit, Motorola, Leeds & Northrup… There are oscilloscopes, signal generators, frequency counters, multimeters, oscillators, power supplies, spectrum analyzers etc.

    I have compiled the complete list into an EXCEL spreadsheet. Worksheet 1 is HP gear, worksheet 2 is Tektronixs and worksheet 3 is all other brands. The list can also be retrieved as a text file it you wish.

    The worksheets are sorted by model number.

    When possible, manual revision dates and serial number prefixes are listed. Details on the condition of each manual are also given.

    Each manual is individually priced. Prices range from $1 to $50, most are listed for $5. The age of these manuals ranges from the 1930s to about 2000.

    There is no real user friendly way to paste the complete list into the body of this posting, so to download the complete list, follow this link:

    I will update the spreadsheet in coming days as I add more manuals, and remove those sold.

    If you are interested in purchasing any of the manuals on the list, please reply to this thread with the file number of the manual(s) you desire. First-come first-serve. I do have multiple copies of some of the manuals, so feel free to enquire even if someone has posted interest in the manual you would like. Also send me an email (address is included in the download file) detailing the manuals you would like (including file numbers).
    I have photos of every manual listed, if you would like to see a picture of any of the manuals send inquiries by email about the file numbers of interest.

    Happy hunting!

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