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    Recently when cleaning out Gramma’s attic(I am sur eyou heard thta one before) We found this beautiful,condition wise and functionality wise radio. It is a 1946 Admiral "America’s Smart Set" Model 6p32-6E1. We turned it in and it works! It is well preserved ans even still has the manual with it. It is a 6 tube , Ac/DC or battery.
    It is really beautiful and I am going to display it in my home. I just wondered how rare they are or are they everywhere?

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    Can’t you just see grandma at the beach in the 50’s with that thing ? It has palm trees on the dial cloth , I see some references if I google the model number.
    I once bought several zenith radios, models before the transocianic, that have similarily styled cases. one has a plaid stag covering,
    Gerry had a nice example of a similar set at the last radio club meeting in Burnaby.

    The schematic is on nostalgiaair … 000138.pdf

    referring to that , it shows C14a C14b and c14c, these are the electrolytic capacitors. if you can’t find a replacement with all three in the same can, you could probably replace them with three capacitors, hidden under the chassis.

    Maybe others can confirm,but It might be a hot chassis set, the electrical standards weren’t what they are today and you might be able to get a good shock by touching the chassis when plugged in so be careful about that.

    this should be a good read about replacing capacitors

    There is a good article on the CVRS website entitled "what’s my old radio worth"

    I don’t think you’ll be able to retire early, but it is definitely a neat collectable radio that gives a real sense of the era. The fact hat it still works means the troubleshooting is done but I’d change the electrolytic capacitors , otherwise you’ll probably find that the volume goes up and down until it fizzles out and you could likely hear a loud bang followed by a cloud of smoke coming out from it as the capacitors are likely leaky ( shorted)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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