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    Hello Blaine here. I have been collecting radios for the past fifteen years. This is the first year I have been brave enough to bring them back to life. Played with electronics for years but lost interest. I have electrical experience and have been doing lots of internet research. Working on a Rogers Majestic model 147 first radio I purchased .

    Robin in Kansas
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    Hi, Blaine!

    Good to have you aboard! Got any photos of your 147?


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    welcome to the CVRS forum Blaine, I saw your post for a signal Generator just now.
    I am using a precision E-200-C and I am happy with it . I found it is pretty accurate.

    I am happy to see more people join the forum, let me know if you have any difficulties, or if you need help posting pictures.
    you might want to go to "user control panel" and fill in your area on the profile tab, or add your area in the request for a signal generator. I just thought that if people know your area they are more likely to help out – to avoid shipping costs.

    hopefully someone has one that they are not using. they aren’t very useful if you don’t work on radios so if you look one should show up locally at a reasonable price.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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