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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up this home made one tube radio at an auction sale some time ago and shelved it while I tried to find out something about it.

    Originally it appeared to be reasonably well built but it had been altered and did not work. It was another case of someone taking a homebrew and trying to turn it into something else. The storage conditions it had seen were also very poor.

    In my travels around the various forums I found a schematic on the "Radio Board" that appeared to match the chassis. A member on that forum had acquired a schematic for a radio suggested by the New York Evening News Evening Journal and had posted it in that forum.

    The remaining parts placement matched, especially the hand wound coil. The size of the coil and the turns numbers were the same. The bus wiring was reconnected and repaired. The radio was tested and worked.

    The cabinet is rough but it was cleaned up and given a light spray of shellac. It reflects the quality of the original wood cabinet and I don’t feel comfortable restoring beyond the original condition.

    The performance is fair but I live in an area that has only one close AM station. I assume in a large city like New York it may have been quite adequate. Changes could be made to improve performance and reduce the chance of it oscillating but I feel that respect is needed. Respect for the work and expense of the original builder.


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