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    Dave Brown
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    Well there folks I am real new to radio’s, hasn’t even been a year since I got started and now have 15 or so radio’s. I haven’t had a good chance to get started in the basics of radio’s. Ted here on the Sunshine Coast has been able to donate some time with me, that is when I can get the time to dive into this. I am an appliance technician here, own my service and repair business, lots of work, not enough time to immerse myself properly into radio’s. Seems like I am more interested in the late 50’s to early 60’s stereo stuff, a customer gave me an Electrohome Hi Fi , started listening to it and was amazed at the sound quality, I was hooked. This summer I picked up a Fleetwood console, you know tv, record player and radio, this was a Grundig, I know difficult to work on but great sound. It was perfect I could not believe my ears, I ended up hooking it up to my Linn speaker, they are very good quality and produce a clear and crisp sound.
    Being an appliance technician rubbs my face into an ever changing sea of new product, I do warranty work for a major company and have been servicing appliances for 24 years. My point is is that the new product and for the past 15 years is comprised of poor quality merchandise, they ask us to not throw things away and yet after a fridge is 10 years old it has reached it’s full life expectancy.
    I really appreciate the quality and workmanship that went into some of these radios, no wonder why this old stuff is here today , I cant wait till I am able to get some time to get involved, it will come though. The 3 meetings I have been to have been very helpfull though, I can’t believe that I can understand 60 to 70% I mean that’s great. Elmer does a great job of explaining things and for myself personally I would like to see more of this. Good to see this forum get started up


    Gerry O’Hara


    Yes, collecting radios can be very addictive… My wife thinks I am trying to compete with the SPARC museum in our basement. I have accumulated around 25 ‘vintage’ radios in the last 3 or 4 years (since I re-kindled my interest in radios after a 20 year haiatus) and am getting a little short on space – looks like its time I threw all the under-used exercise equipment out to make more room! Out of the 25 radios, I think 4 are awaiting restoration and one is part-way through (the Philco 16B I mention elsewhere on the forum). Unfortunately I also have limited time due to having a demanding job, so some projects can take some time to complete (and I tend to get distracted with new projects). Still, I find its a great way to break off from my ‘day job’.

    Keep learning… I always am!


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