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    Hi my name is Bruce Ruttan from Kingston, Ontario. My dad past away last Feb. and left me with his radio stuff. He always wanted to do a museum and I would like to try and do it for him.There must be 4 to 500 radios,from 20"S to the 60"s ? .I am trying to learn to fix them.I joined the Ottawa Club and the B.C. Club so I can talk to people and get good help on repairing them.I would like to here from people.I am not good with computers so if it takes time to get a reply from me its because of my computer skills. Hope to hear from some members .
    Thanks Bruce

    Ed Kraushar
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    Hi Bruce,

    Welcome to the forum. I live a couple of hours away from you in Campbellford. My main interest is in 1920 radios. I belong to the Ottawa club also but because of distance usually only attend the auctions. These forums are a good source of assistance and information if you feel you need some help.



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    Hi Ed .
    Thanks for your reply.I replied to you last night, but I hit some key and my letter disappeared. So I am re-doing. I am trying to learn to fix these old radios but it will take me a long time as I have little experience so I learn as I go. I have a brother-in-law who use to work on T.V.’S and Radios years ago, who will help when I get stuck. It is good to know there is a lot of people interested in this old stuff.My dad left me lots of stuff that I have know idea what it is,but hope to learn.If you are ever in the area give me a call and maybe we could met. I took early retirement in Nov. but went back part-time in Jan. My phone number is 613-542-3179.Hope to hear from you Bruce.

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