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    Iv’e got a vast collection of all different kinds of radio knobs. If you collect radios , chances are, you probably have several radios that need certain ones in order to be complete, or you may have substituted knobs that look close enough to work. If you collect radios you most likely also have a small collection of knobs which you cherish for your own restorations.

    Here’s the catch:
    I am interested in helping other collectors in their restorations, but not looking to delete my supply of certain ones, so I was considering it all and came to the conclusion that if I were to offer to trade some of them it may be helpful and hopefully people can pay with knobs that they have which are nice, but not the right ones for any of their radios. If people don’t have knobs I am always interested in any other radio related parts. I won’t take cash , I’m not looking to do this for profit or to be a busy guy. For me it is a hobby and friendly trading and helping each other is fun, trying to make a profit with old radios is a challenge that I don’t wish to take on, at this point in time anyway. If I do come up with the ones you need, you have to be prepared to mail a small package back as payment, and you also need to be prepared to wait a long time as I don’t plan to be down there digging through them all very often.

    I obviously can’t guarantee that I will have certain ones unless it is a really common one. There are hundreds of thousands of different knob designs, many radio makers seemed to change them with every model. wooden ones are the most difficult to part with so be prepared to trade other wooden knobs if you want wooden ones. I have many bakelite and plastic knobs, but a limited supply of wooden ones, especially in sets.

    If you can post a picture of the radio you have , or a link to one on the internet that has it’s knobs , or as much information as you have about it , there is a chance that I might be able to help. finding the correct one is often very time consuming, and it is a visual thing, a picture really helps much more than any description. Upload a picture in response to this thread if you have one, if you have difficulty posting pictures , email me for help or email me the pic and I will post it for you.


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