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    Ed Stone
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    Here’s a photo of one of my workbenches with a nice little Westinghouse table radio on it. Mostly traditional test gear here – apart from a couple of DMMs (hardly ever used) and an LCR meter (used a bit more), the only ‘modern’ equipment is a Hitachi ‘scope, a Heathkit audio generator and a BK 100MHz frequency counter(and even these are going on 20 years old). Not shown here is my trusty Precision 10-12 tube tester, Heathkit sweep generator and recently acquired Wavetek 164 sweep generator.

    Download DSC00026 [640×480].JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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    Hi Ed.
    Sure liked your work bench. Must be able to lots of work with that set up.I am trying to get set up but have lots of organizing to do first. My dad passed away last Feb. and he left this radio stuff to me.There is hundreds of radios ,all sorts of test gear ,books,tubes,the old horns,etc. He wanted to do a spot where people could see them,but never got that done. I am trying to fix them up to do this,but will be a big job.Will send you some pictures of the mess,when I learn to attach pictures. Must go and get some work done,hope to talk to you again .
    Bruce Ruttan (Radio Nut)

    Dan Walker
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    Ed ,It looks like you have everythingt that you need to repair all kinds of radios and it is organized. Nice looking set up.I’m not even going to try to show you my bench as I still have to get it more organized.””””””””””Nice radio too Dan

    Ed Stone
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    Hi folks – many thanks for the replies to my ‘Show and Tell’ post about my workbench. The photo posted was taken a year or so ago – so I have added some new ones here. My latest test equipment additions include an HP1725A scope (visible on the shelves to the left of the workbench – a vast improvement on my Hitachi scope), a Wavetek Model 164 (a ‘DC’ to 30MHz sweep genny), a Comstron 1002 (a 1Hz to 2MHz crystal-locked frequency synthesizer) – these can be seen above and below the Hitachi scope respectively on the right hand side of the workbench, and a couple of power supplies (stabilized low and high voltage units), just visible in the shadows above the Waveteck unit. On the tool front I have added a temperature controlled Weller soldering station and a Weller de-soldering station (lower right of the workbench area). I find both of these valuable additions to the service bench – especially the temperature controlled soldering iron, which heats up in seconds and has a range of tips that can be changed quickly. Also, I finally got rid of my old workshop computer and replaced it with a laptop.


    Download DSC00162 [1024×768].JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download DSC00166 [1024×768].JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

    Download DSC00167 [1024×768].JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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