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    My name is Phil Mijo, located in rainy New Westminster BC.
    I started this forum with the help of Don and Gerry, who you will see lurking about.

    My Radio interests were first sparked by a 6th grade teacher who helped the class build crystal radios with the only purchased component being a diode, bit of wire, tin foil wax paper.

    By trade I am a Pressman, and Printing equipment mechanic. I now work in the field of remotely troubleshooting equipment faults.
    About 10 years ago my radio interests were re-ignited by the find of a Vintage tube reel to reel player. A huge deck from Birmingham with 10 inch reels made in 1952.. I was also learning about computers at the time and happened upon the newsgroup

    I was very pleased when I found others would help me learn and assist me with questions. That quickly led to a serious addiction for antique radios. I now have quite a collection, most are is various states of disrepair, some I can’t call radios but only parts of radios, but they are taken in, kept dry, and loved all the same.

    My favorite radios are those with beatuiful wood cabinets, usually from the early 30’s. I especially love radios from this area that also have clocks. For me the restoration process provides a great sense of pride and accomplishment, and that is reason enough.

    I once heard a great quote; It was something to the affect that "time that you enjoy wasting is never wasted time". This is something to consider when you are down under the chassis trying to make everything look perfectly original, even though it can’t be seen without taking the radio apart.

    I hope this forum will help newcomers to the hobby, as well as with information exchange and comradery for members of the CVRS as well as collectors from other parts of the world.


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