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    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    These are the radios I sold this month. I had worked on them since last year. I usually do the chassis during the winter and I get to the cabinets in the spring
    The one exception is the Rogers 10-12.
    I have had this one for about 8 years, and it did not have a power supply. I finally got a power supply and I took the clock from my Rogers 4821 console
    I don’t need two 10-12 radios and a friend of mine who bought several radios from me in the past wanted some more radios.

    He bought all the ones you see here
    The 10-12 has the original cabinet finish,but I did recap the chassis.
    Sometimes I think I should keep some of these radios but they all go to people who really like them,and I will always get more radios to work on.
    Here is a list.
    Westinghouse model 675
    Northern Electric [blonde] 5200
    RCA model 62 [brass behind knobs]
    Majestic model 6M531
    GE model M81
    RCA chairside model 97E
    Ge model A58
    Rogers 10-12

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Here are a few more photos of the 10 12
    Dan in Calgary

    Les Dickson
    CVRS Member

    Great work, Dan. You’re a busy man!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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