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    Hello Bruce,

    I also have a original Jordan TV Unit-ized TV service manual and I started in the TV repair business in 1965 and I still have not seen one of there TV sets…..hopefully someone out there can give some information on them?

    Bruce Winter
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    I have the service manual as well – the SPARC radio museum, in Coquitlam, has a set. I’m in the slow process of restoring it for display, being a local manufacturer. I would really like to know about the company, they didn’t seem to be in existance for very long. RCC doesn’t mention them so its great to have the actual service manual ( with the tech’s personal notes scribbled in the margins ). I think the design was based on the U.S. Setchell Carlson chassis, which was also unitized, so possibly they had the license to manufacture in Canada. I have a personal attachment. It was the first TV the family had. Fond memories of going to the drug store to test the tubes – which seemed to be quite often ! thanks for the response.

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    I have a Setchell Carlson at home. It is quite unusual in that the cabinet is a veneered one like we often see in radios I think it is Mahogany veneer but could be mistaken. The unusual part is the shape of the set. the top corners are quite rounded which is very unusual for TV. I am missing the escutcheon that went on the front and I don’t think the knobs are right. The flyback transformer has a winding that is broken where it enters the coil, it isn’t burnt but it might be a delicate job to try to pick up the end of the winding. Otherwise it is intact and has a unitized chassis.

    this website never really got off the ground but I still have a picture of it here


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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