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    If you are reading this you are signed in as a member, the forum members chat is only readable to members who have gone through the sign in process and activated their accounts.

    The new forum has been up for about a year now. From a technical aspect it seems to be working ok. From a point of view of layout it is difficult to tell if people are having trouble with navigating through the forum.

    I have had a couple of members who had trouble with the code on the sign in form but I was able to just sign in for these members on their behalf.

    This month we did have a few members who signed in and proceeded to post spam. These were members with no radio interests, and they were banned and these posts were removed. The sign in form was also changed so that an administrator needs to approve each new member.

    It would be nice for all of us to see a bit more activity. The number of posts is really a reflection on the need for a CVRS forum. There are a few very active forums on the internet, But the CVRS forum is here mainly to provide a common place for the CVRS members to discuss their projects , trade parts etc.

    We had some discussion on weather it would be beneficial to require that members on the CVRS forum also be paid members. . As of now , I have not seen enough activity on the forum to warrant limiting anyone from accessing it , so my opinion is that it should be open to all to join as most internet forums are. It also creates a job of sorting out who is or isn’t a paid member.

    I would be interested in finding out if other forum members share my view or not. The flipside of this issue is that it may make people feel more at home in posting if the readership were limited to CVRS paid members only, and membership to the forum might be considered a perk of being a paid member. The CVRS is a non profit society and we depend upon our club dues to pay for the webspace. All the work done by the CVRS is voluntary.

    I think we all would like to see more activity on the forum, but what can we do to make it more attractive ? how can we make it easier to use? Is it just a simple matter of people not seeing a lot of activity , and therefore not posting or reading as often because they don’t see enough activity?

    If you have an opinion on how it can be improved to suit the CVRS as a whole better, please reply to this post and share your opinions.


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