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    I’ve finished restoring a Northern Electric 5000 ‘Baby Champ’ almost to it’s original condition, as shown in the picture. The original owner hadn’t repainted the bottom so I was able to match its original Red Carnation colour with a custom-mixed automotive enamel in a spray can (R101 Fast Maroon 23.9, S105 Fine Bright Alumin 33.7+10.0, R66 Magenta 41.3+2.2,Y69 +3.0, Y71 +2.5, K54 Black 3.0, LVBR100 Low VOC Binder 126.6)

    The problem is I couldn’t duplicate the hammertone finish used on the original. The paint store doesn’t sell custom-mixed hammertone paint, and suggested I try spraying water on the surface first. That didn’t work but seemed like a possible approach. So I tried spraying practically everything in the house on the surface, both before and/or after applying the enamel. I read on-line that silicone-based sprays for water repellents (like ScothGuard) would repel the enamel and create mottled effects, but none of them worked. I usually try to avoid silicone anywhere near spray paint because of ‘fish-eyes’, and I did get some interesting effects, but nothing like a hammertone finish.

    Does anyone know how to create a hammertone finish with a conventional spray enamel?


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