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    Happy to be accepted in your membership. I am Eric Strasen (user and real name) from Sheridan, Wyoming — a city of about 20,000 located in north-central Wyoming 20 miles south of the Montana border. I recently acquired on an eBay auction, for an insane amount of money, a Rogers-Majestic 7R621 table radio. The seller indicated the radio’s tubes all appeared to be original and were weak. Even before the radio arrived I began surfing the net for Rogers "M" suffix tubes and eventually ran across, an outfit in Orlando, Florida. I knew I was in the right place when, upon inquiring about the availability of 2X3 half-wave rectifiers, the fellow on the phone replied "You must be working on a Canadian radio." I bought the last two they had in stock — NOS, NIB Rogers and Philco branded tubes. They also had several Rogers 41M used tubes in stock and I bought one, wishing to stay as close to original as possible. They did not have the remainder of the "M" tube lineup — 6A7M, 6K7M and 75M. I know there are direct substitutes for these, but would like to stay as pure Rogers as possible. If anyone knows of a source for these tubes, I would appreciate hearing about it. When the radio arrived I began testing tubes. The two 2X3’s tested just as strongly as the NOS ones on my Triplett 3444, so now I have a couple spares just in case. The 41M was very weak and the used one I had just purchased registered in the upper end of the gm scale, so that was a wise purchase.
    The radio works, but not as well as it should. It was recapped quite a few years ago (whoever did it used Solar capacitors, so that should give you an idea of how long ago it was) and will have to be recapped and then aligned again.
    By the way, if you wish to contact Vacuum Tubes Inc., it probably would be best to do so by phone — 877-307-1414 or 407-481-9994 — as they may have tubes in stock not shown on the net or printed listings.

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