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    My name is Konrad Birkner, called KoBi, living in Bavaria, Germany.
    Born 1935. As a teenager mainly repair of pre WW2 radios.Hobby became profession by graduation as an EE (Dipl.Eng.Communications). 6 years Rohde & Schwarz (Polyskop) followed by 26 Years Aerospace Avionics. Early retirement (health) at age 53 gave even more time allowance for the hobby (not the only one).
    Radio collecting started in 1978 when I remembered a wonderful radio I owned when I was a boy (and played it to death, shame!). It was a Blaupunkt VII.
    The collection grew, but 20 years went by – until I could proudly own my dream radio. It joined an international party of about 300 Radios: Crystal Sets (ca.70); US radios (ca.120); the 1920s; Homebrew contemporary and recent; early Superheterodynes with triodes; tiny little Japan made colorful tube radios around the latest miniature AC/DC tube generation.
    Now I am terribly busy as an administrator in our virtual radio museum . It is not just a museum but an ever growing encyclopedia. (see
    Now I am 73, besides my collection sitting in front of three computers, trying to keep order into all new contributions with the help of a few fellow admins. 130,000+ models, 270,000+ pics (photos), 165,000+ schematics, 30,000+ tube and semiconductor pages are already there.
    And every day dozens of proposals coming (for alterations and for new models), which need treatment by two admins (today at 14:00 already 30 props. have been processed)… boredom is to me a foreign word…
    Member of GFGF (German Radio Collectors Club), of the Radiomuseum Fuerth (the Grundig and Lumophon and Metz city), subscriber of ARC.
    Thanks to Phil, who drew my attention to this site.

    Robin in Kansas
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    Dear KoBi,

    It’s good to see you here at this group as well! I look to this group for help, information concerning my Canadian sets and general "how to do it" tips.

    I hope you occasionally get the chance to take time off from your busy hobbies! You’ve done so much for RMorg! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Robin Roeckers

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    Hola, I visit the site whenever I acquire something new. I’m in Buffalo NY…attending college full time at 54 years old….who says you can’t make those old things work!! Radios and me….Happy Holidays. Jeenie67

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