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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked this Gilfillan Model 10 up some time ago. The finish on it was pretty well dead and no information or schematic could be found for it.

    It was refinished with toned lacquer although it probably had been finished with shellac originally based on the deterioration of the original finish. The original finish is still intact inside the lid.

    The chassis was in pretty good condition other than being dirty. Fortunately the pot metal in the tuning system is in great shape with no sign of deterioration. This radio uses three tuning caps, two of them linked together and are gear driven by the two top knobs.

    Both audio interstage transformers were open and were rewound with my standard rewind. That is 4,000 turns of #40 wire on the primary and 12,000 turns of #41 on the secondary. They are a bit unusual as they have a copper foil shield with a solder joint on the outside of the winding.

    The scarcity of pictures and the lack of a schematic on the internet would leave me to believe that this model of Gilfillan is fairly rare for a 1926 radio.


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    Hi Ed
    That is a nice job.Wish I could do jobs like that.I have lots of them to do . I wish there was a club in the area that taught this stuff.I joined one in Toronto and it does help.

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    I agree Bruce. Great job.

    You’re more than welcome to join us (the Barrie club) on November 26 in Cookstown. We have a couple of members who are great with cabinets as well as the electronics.


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    Beautiful Job Ed ! nice radio.

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