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    Ralph Spracklin
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    From time to time, as with myself, I run into others who attempt to restore Vintage German Radios. I post this to help those of us, who from time to time, run into the dilemma of not having a proper Schematic or Alignment instructions. Great radios, well built, but highly complicated and very tight as to the wiring on some of these models.

    Of course, the problem I am referring to, when working on one of these Radios is that any Schematics I can find are in the German Language, which of course is very foreign to me, and it is bad enough that the Language itself becomes a road block or barrier. The array of different symbols, boggle the mind. Not only that, for Capacitors alone there seems to be so many symbols. I am in the progress of restoring a NordMende Arabella 58 3D Radio-Phono, which was one of their top Models for 1958. For the most part I have solved the Language part of the problem, by inserting every German word regarding Schematic and Alignment Process, one word at a time, into a German to English Dictionary (on-line) for interpretation purposes. Although, as it reads in English, it does not make much sense as to the manner in which we normally speak, it does allow for the gist of the matter to be understood. This method of getting around a proper Schematic, has simplified things for me.



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