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    Hi, I just began collecting radios and phonographs this year and have amassed a nice collection. Applying my woodworking, finishing, and automobile restoration skills to this new hobby has produced some fine examples of electro history (just in my opinion). I’m just happy that they all are shiny, the tuners work after restringing, and play well; I enjoy listening to every one of them. Every room in my house has an AM, AM/FM, and phonograph with it’s original color scheme or finish to match the home’s decor. Thanks for having me as a member. Eugene.

    Gerry O’Hara

    Hi Eugene,

    Good to have you aboard. I’ve been a ‘radio guy’ for almost 40 years but only started restoring radios about 4 years ago – its great fun and combines many skill sets as you say! I am sure folks would like to see some of your restrorations (sounds like you have been very busy) – have you any photos you could post?



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    Hola! Muchos photographias….as soon as I figure how to download them w/out any extra software here. I have some at antique radios.com in their gallery and pics of my phonographs also…I’m addicted! Being disabled in my left hand (due to a work injury) I use this hobby as therapy (it works) and attend college full time at 54 years old (3.3 GPA). I own 10 radios, Ward Airline, Stromberg Carlson, GE’s, Emerson, Zenith, Firestone Chief, and Meissner…AM, AM/FM, AM/shortwave, 7 phonographs from a Waters Conley Phonorola "Victrola" to my latest addition, a Columbia 680 automatic record player in a hinged top cabinet. I also have a pair of Altec Lansing speakers, model 14’s and a pair of 15’s. Two Altec/JBL woofer cabinets, a Conrad Johnson Preamp, and two Crown power amps for my Theater system; not home theater, but real theater (130db no problem…clean!). Oh well…back to my papers to write for finals. Thanks, Jeenie67

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    about posting pics.
    first save them to a location on your computer where you know where they are.
    when you are making a post, look below the text box, there is a tab that says "upload attachment" – click the tab
    Next click the browse button that appears. that will open a "file upload button on your computer where you can browse to the location of your file eg desktop or my documents or wherever you saved them. select a photo to add. once you have highlighted the photo you want click "open" ( in the file upload window)

    Next click the button beside the browse button that reads "add the file"

    after you are done typing in the text you want in your message , click submit. your picture should appear.
    there are restrictions on file size and type , but you will get a message if your file exceeds the limit. Jpegs are usually best for photos.


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    Hi, One more exam to go…and all the Xmas stuff to do….Pics coming soon. My Waters Conley is on display at a tiny German Polish restaurant for the holidays along with Xmas carols in German and a whole bunch in Polish…should be a treat for all.

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