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    Ralph Spracklin
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    Evening All
    I am certain some of you, are aware of thefollowing site.
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    For those who are not, there is a whole library, of Radio related products available. for as little as $5.99 t0 $9.99 American. These products are also available on USB. And each of those Radio Shows mentioned below, cover hundreds of of hours of entertainment I just orderd Elements of Radio Servicing and the Antique Radio Service Course, and other topics, on disk. Available are most of those Radio Shows you listened in your long bygone days as a kid or even as an young adult. Some call it the Good Old Days. Though I’m not certain if indeed they were really all, that, good. As Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the Best of Times and It was the Worst of times, but it was all we knew. Yes I can again listen to those early World Series Baseball Games of the fifties. Can you Imagine Whitey Ford, Roy Campanella and all those other players, most, if not all, long gone to their silent sleeps. No! It won’t be in living color on NBC, but these announcers had a way of making it come alive. Disks are also available on myrid other topics from, Woodworking Projects to Old Time Religious Programs and Country and Western Singers like Red Sovine, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Tennesse Ernie Ford. etc, etc. Ya, indeed those were the days.
    Excuse me for reminising, but for you younger guys, forty years from now you will understand where I am coming from.



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