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    I have got hold of 1947 Deforest radio phonograph its a Canadian build unit.Its in good shape except for a little work on the outside of the cabinet,scratches and stuff.I was going to use the phonograph for another unit.My question is it’s in such nice shape that I now have doubt scavenging parts out of it.Would it be more to my advantage to keep it, or are they easy to get.?
    PS. it’s a Deforest model D607
    Thanks all Marc

    Eric Strasen
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    I know this is over a year late, but maybe you still have than DeForest…
    It used to be that a phonograph in a console radio was the kiss of death, value-wise, except for a few very old Victors and maybe one or two other brands.
    Going by listings on eBay and other auction sites and he general buzz around radioland, there seems to be a growing interest in radio-phonographs — even the huge consoles which also included a television set.
    Right now, the highest interest seems to be in German imports and in U.S. Fisher radio-phonos (the higher-end Fishers often sported Miracord record changers). Another sign of growing interest is the slight increase of in number of guys who refurbish the VM and Webcor changers along with the ceramic or crystal cartridges that usually occur in domestic radio-phonos. Of course there are still the shipping problems involved so unless you have a potential customer base close by it’s probably "no sale."
    So if you still have that DeForest and the room to store it, you might want to hang on for a few years to see if this is a Ford Mustang market (forever growing) or an Edsel market (collapsed after a couple good years).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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