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    Greetings folks

    Russ here from Edmonton, just signed up to the site. My intention was to post an old 60s ‘console’ style Hi-Fi setup as a giveaway, but it appears the wife is more attached to it than I was aware, so I won’t argue with that!

    Here is a gem I’ve been hanging on to for quite a few years, picked it up at a garage sale and had it stashed in my parent’s garage for 10 or so years. It’s an RCA, clearly marked on the back (gotta like that big, obvious labelling!) as a model 5QB43. I haven’t been able to find out anything about it through internet searches so any info would be appreciated.

    I know it is designed to be battery powered, I recognized the damaged connectors hanging off the pigtails – and that raises a question:

    I would like to build a small power supply to run this radio, I suspect the supplies should be 1.5V and 90VDC. What kind of currents should I design for?

    Thanks in advance,

    Download RCA_5QB43.JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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    Welcome to the forum Rus, I tried internet searches for that model number and looked on nostalgiaair for the schematic but I didn’t find anything. somewhere I have an RCA schematic CD and I need to find that to have a look on it ..any other numbers on the case or on the ID tag that might help in a google search?
    It is a nice radio , it seems to resemble the shape of the Euro radios in some ways.
    I think if you post the tube lineup it might help to use that to look at the specs for each tube to calculate the current draw. I am not the best at the calculations but if you refer to the tube data sheets for each tube , and add them up.
    also sometimes the tube lineup might help in the searching for the schematic. any other model ID? you could also post for help with this under electronic restoration.


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